Marketing a exclusive line of African, Ethnic, Boutique wear. Our line include formal dresses, casual wear, cruise wear and boutique wear for men, women and children. We work with a range of cotton, linen and colorful fabrics. We market clothes from the east coast, west coast, African and London. Clothing made exclusively for your body type, color and style.. We carry a large variety of purses in different shapes, sizes and colors to fit your wardrobe,. We have beautiful line of accessories along with statement pieces to accentual your outfit.. You are a special and valued customer and we appreciate your business. Customer service is our prime goal.

YBI African Apparel & Boutique International

YBI African Apparel Boutique International.   We design for you in mind.  The business is in the heart of the famous Pimlico Race Track;  Pimlico Merchants Business District - 5115 Park Heights Avenue.  Located inside a family business Scott's & Sons Furniture Store.  My unique styles and designs can be made just for your body style and body frame.  We use fabrics they are soft, comfortable, bold, colorful and natural.  She has toured the Baltimore metropolitan area with Travis Winkey, P&T models Management, Flair studio, Studio A Modeling Etiquette and many more.  My fashions has been featured in Baltimore Times, Power Magazine and Name it Magazine.  We have shared our fashions with a variety of churches, national conventions and Baltimore City Schools. 

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