The RoyalTea Exhchange, LLC

About The RoyalTea Exchange, LLC

Our products consists of top quality organic tea leaves, fruits, herbs and flowers. All items are made to order and are hand blended by the owner at the time of purchase to ensure freshness and quality. We offer a wide range of products for the traditional tea lover as well as teas that specifically targets a variety of ailments, such as anxiety, detoxing, and even insomnia

About The Owner:

Hi, I'm Tiffany Thomas, affectionately known around Baltimore as "The Tea Ladyyy". I am the owner of The RoyalTea Exchange, LLC, a luxury loose leaf tea company, I speecialize in both custom blended traditional and semi-medicinal herbal teas. I’ve always been obsessed with tea, ever since I was a young girl, the smell, the feel, and more importantly, the taste. I’ve carefully researched all of my products and each of the ingredients to ensure that my customers get a luxury tea experience in the comfort of their own home. Each tea is hand blended and made fresh to order with robust flavors soothing to the senses.


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