Furbish innovates and develops living systems, primarily green roofs and green walls, to benefit the built environment. We deploy natural systems, which make economic sense for every building, to improve our health and the environment. BioWall is a vegetated wall that naturally filters air and removes several harmful pollutants. On top of that, BioWall offers a dramatic aesthetic – a wow factor. Research indicates that interior plants can dramatically increase our happiness and productivity through biophilia. BioWall is fabricated in south Baltimore and distributed around the country.


Founded in 2003, Furbish specializes in living systems – living roofs, living retaining walls, and interior living walls. With a driving passion for innovation and a deep commitment to sustainability, we design, construct, and maintain each of our products so that they utilize nature’s processes to create synergy between the built environment and its inhabitants. Furbish is dedicated to our overarching goal – minimize environmental impacts while maximizing asset value and ecosystem services.

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