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SmartSlope: Vegetated Retaining Wall

Sold By: Furbish

SmartSlope Vegetated Retaining Wall

SmartSlope is a vegetated retaining wall with unmatched strength. Furbish develops products to find more elegant ways to solve ordinary challenges. Therefore, when we tackled the problem of finding innovative eco-friendly solutions to structural retaining walls, we modeled SmartSlope on nature’s multi-functional and elegant approach… and SmartSlope was born. SmartSlope is our innovation on a retaining wall. Our solution incorporates open-celled, precast concrete modules rather than the impermeable concrete surface you find in a typical retaining wall. This design allows for vegetation to be planted in each module which, once grown out, cover the wall making an elegant vertical garden. SmartSlope has the same soil retaining capabilities of a typical retaining wall will also offering superior aesthetic


Light Environment Footprint
Less concrete. Mitigate urban heat island effect. Lessens impervious surface. Contributes to LEED.
Functional & Versatile
Versatility in range of batter (70 to 50 degrees). Largest plant pocket of any vegetated retaining wall.
Superior Aesthetics
Attractive. Adaptable. Minimizes graffiti.
Wet-cast concrete. True mechanical connection of reinforcement strap to the module.
Ecological Benefits
Creates urban habitat, landscapes, and urban gardens.
Ease of Install
Lightest weight-to-coverage ratio in the industry. Less concrete, less labor, less time.