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Antiquity restoration

Our workshop make restoration of art objects, artifacts and fine furniture.

Sold By: Atelier Lionel Fernandes

Restoration services:

  • Restoration of art objects, artifacts, and fine furniture.

Our restoration philosophy:

Any intervention on a cultural property, whatever it is, is an act grave that present a risk for the understanding and survival of the art object. Whether this intervention is visible or not, it has repercussions on the characteristics of the object. Thus, restoration objectives must be clearly defined before any intervention. Then, the owner and conservator must carry out in-depth reflections about the achievement of these objectives while respecting the fundamental principles of the business ethics of art restoration.

Objectives to reach:

– Ensure the sustainability of the object. – Allow the integrity of the art object by making again understandable the meaning of the art object, that was partially or totally lost due to successive alterations over time. – Respect the Aesthetic and cultural integrity of the art object. – Allow the accessibility through consultations or exhibitions.

3 Fundamental principles:

  1. The physical and chemical stability of the materials used in the restoration.
  2. The Reversibility: It should be possible to remove any intervention on the art object and to return to the original state without risk.
  3. The visibility of interventions: Any modification of the original state of the art object must be discernible, without interfering with its legibility or misleading on its real state.

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