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Milk for Hair & Skin

Sold By: Fancy Free, LLC.

Fancy Free Milk for Hair & Skin is a creamy moisturizer for hair and skin. Raspberry seed oil serves as a natural sunscreen, offering SPF protection without zinc oxide or other harsh chemicals. “Fancy” uses the Milk daily as a facial moisturizer as well as a leave in conditioner for her hair. This product is shipped with both a pump for your convenience.

The Fancy Free Milk for Hair & Skin smells like tropical mango and guava wrapped with green melon and juicy pineapple. You’ll love the Milk.

  • Distilled water: The ultimate moisturizer
  • Organic Shea Butter: Seals moisture in, SPF 4-6
  • Coconut Oil: Seals moisture in and has a soothing effect, SPF 4-6
  • Olive Oil: Hydrates skin and has anti-aging antioxidants
  • Raspberry Seed Oil: SPF 25-50
  • Emulsified Wax: Because oil and water don’t mix. This ingredient keeps it all together.

Suggested uses:

  • For Hair
    • Conditioner
    • Hot Oil treatment
    • Heat Protectant
    • Moisturizer that is effective on dried hair
    • Curl Refresher
    • Styling cream
  • For Skin
    • Daily Moisturizer
    • Non-greasy hand cream
    • Natural Sunscreen (must be re-applied every 4 hours)
Additional Information

16 oz., 4 oz.