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Marquess Grey

We’re bringing a little twist and exceptional flavor to this classic blend. Our Marquess Grey is more than just a step up from you basic Earl Grey, it’s a whole staircase above. A blend of organic bergamot and highly esteemed Silver Needle white tea will revive your love for this familiar favorite.

Sold By: Wight Tea Company

2 ounces of Marquess Grey will make approximately 40 8-ounce cups of tea.

Use 1.5 to 2 tsp per cup.

Steep this tea for 5 minutes in 175 degrees F water. Boiling water and over-steeping may cause this tea to taste bitter.

Ingredients: Silver Needle, bergamot oil

This tea is sold in a tin, to purchase in a pouch, please visit the Wight Tea Company website.

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Weight 1 lbs