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Freehand Machine Embroidered Helmeted Guineafowl Portrait

Sold By: jennyjen42

This bird portrait is part of a larger artwork : The Genealogy of My Imaginary Family, I selected a variety of native birds that range from the familiar to the extirpated breeds from Maryland. I wanted them to feel like family portraits, arranged to create a narrative of subtle expressive reactions and silent dialogue. This portrait is created freehand on the sewing machine. Drawing each mark, value and detail by manipulating the canvas under the moving needle. Each has a final result of a line drawing but with a more labor intensive method that I chose as a dedication towards their preservation. This Helmeted Guineafowl is the newest portrait added to confront any bird that facing him. His odd appearance is his beauty as he shows off his profile. This drawing is based on a photograph from a bird app. on my iPad This bird portrait has been created by free hand stitching on a sewing machine! Otherwise, I draw with my sewing machine. There is absolutely No programing involved. I draw each portrait first as an ink drawing, and use that to trace guidelines of the image on the canvas using a fabric marker that fades or washes away. Even though I may use the same drawing per bird, each becomes a one of kind due to the process that I use. Stitched in black on heavy duty cotton duck canvas fabric and is stretched in a 14” no slip wooden embroidery hoop, ready to hang! Also comes in a 12” wooden embroidery hoop. Canvas is permanently adhered with heavy duty two sided tape.