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Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant – Roll-On

Sold By: Fancy Free, LLC.

What makes Fancy Free different?

Our Aluminum Free Deodorant is designed to fight the toughest body odor. Our winning formula is proven to last all day. We promise you will not have apply it more than once a day. Fancy Free natural deodorant does not have baking soda, therefore it is not likely to irritate your underarm skin.  Finally, Fancy Free deodorant does not include aluminum, parabens, phthlates or other known carcinogens. Use it on your underarms, your feet, or any other crease on your body.

The bad effects of aluminum used in antiperspirant

Do you have a film on your underarms? Have you ever had boils? The aluminum in antiperspirant prevent perspiration therefore preventing toxins from leaving your body. It does this by blocking pores in your under arms. As a result, body odor smells even worse. Antiperspirant can leave a nasty film on the skin. The blocked pores can cause boils, increased body odor and other bad effects. Most importantly, aluminum has also been directly linked to cancer and other chronic diseases. Natural deodorant is certainly the healthiest option for you and your family.

Ingredients in Fancy Free Solid Aluminum Free Deodorant:

  • Milk of Magnesia: Fights body odor
  • Activated Charcoal: Fights body odor and detoxes lymph nodes in the underarm area
  • Cornstarch: Absorbs moisture
  • Coconut Oil: Fights body odor causing bacteria
  • Fragrance Oil: Provides pleasant smell

WARNING! This product contains activated charcoal, which is gray. When applying, shake vigorously because the ingredients settle at the bottom. We recommend applying it immediately after your shower or bath. This will allow ample drying time and prevent the deodorant from getting on your clothes.

Try Fancy Free Solid Aluminum Free Deodorant in different scents

  • Original Scent: Juicy orange blended with vanilla bean and sugar.
  • Unscented: No fragrance added.

Think natural deodorant doesn’t work for you?

Your body may need time to adjust. You should probably try an underarm detox. Your body will thank you for committing to healthier options for deodorant.

Additional Information
Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 5 in

Original Scent, Unscented