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EcoCline: green roof living system

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EcoCline is our high-performance green roof system. We have installed and maintain EcoClines for such companies as Hilton, Barclays, NIH, and Embassy Suites just to name a few. As a result of approaching green roofs honestly and scientifically, we have developed technologies that dramatically improve green roof performance. Most noteworthy, our solution is locally sourced and puts an emphasis on long-term sustainability. EcoCline is designed to be truly sustainable by reducing carbon footprint, utilizing waste stream materials, requiring minimal maintenance, and minimizing nutrient runoff. More examples of EcoCline can be found here:


Green Roof Product Features

Guaranteed Plant Performance
Cultivates reliable, healthy coverage. Deters weed germination.
Superior Stormwater Management
Greater storage, recharge & peak flow reduction. Less nutrient runoff.
Light Environmental Footprint
Locally Sourced. High Recycled Component Content. Contributes to LEED.
Truly Low Maintenance 
Low input. Nutrient & dimensionally stable. Stewardship plan is included.
No BS Warranty
Maximum protection without the BS. Even our warranty is weed free.
More With Less
Increased performance with less input and lighter weight.