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Catnip Plant Pillow

Sold By: jennyjen42

From my new line of “Sorry there is no Bird on this Pillow”, mid century, inspired collection of pillows created from my recent drawings. I just had a full knee replacement and plenty of time in my mid-century modern west elm furnished living room.I had plenty of time to do some reflection and realized my bird pillows would not quite go with my own decor. I have a great love for nature and native plants. Since my husband is a landscaper, who only uses native plants for his rain gardens, we have plenty of books and resources around our house that I could use for inspiration and models for my daily drawings. When I recouped from my surgery and was able to return to my studio, I took my sketchbooks full of my designs and began my pillow designs. I love the sense of high quality felt that I have in many colors to use as the background shapes and then the drawing is all freehand machine stitching.