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Brown and Red Plate

Sold By: jgpottery

This dish was thrown on the wheel upside down, then inverted over a mold to give it a slight curve. After it dried to leather hard, I used a surform tool to shape it. I brushed wax around the rim to resist the flashing slip to give some good definition to the rim. This one, and the other four were stacked upside down in the kiln. The wads, which create the white spots also separate the pots and allow for the soda vapors to travel through the pots, leaving, if one is lucky, the beautiful comet trails, giving this pot an ethereal feel.

As the kiln reaches top temperature, about 2400 degrees, over the course of several hours we spray a mixture of baking soda and soda ash dissolved in water into thirteen separate ports of the kiln. There is no glaze on this plate, but rather the effect of the soda vapors acting on the clay body.

All glazes used are lead-free.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Not for broiler or stovetop use.

Approximate size is 7.5″ x 1″ high