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9.5” K-tip Gyuto with Custom-Fit Saya

9.5” k-tip gyuto with custom saya.

Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel

Handle: Charred Walnut

Sold By: Hyde Handmade Knives
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I made this knife as a hybrid between a gyuto/chef knife and a honesuke, a butchers knife meant specifically for processing chicken. The knife is tapered from 1/8” at the handle, to a fine tip, meant for more delicate work. This means that the heel of the knife can break through small bones, while the tip can breeze through any produce you put in front of it.
This knife is made from 1095 High Carbon steel. It has an octagonal handle made from charred walnut. Carbon steel requires more care, but is a superior steel for edged tools. There’s detailed care information on my website: