Secret Sauce Co.

Can you keep a secret? Secret Sauce Co. started out with a pop up at the Lost City Diner in Station North Arts District with a mission to bring delicious condiments to Baltimore City. The first sauce to hit the patty was a not so classic version of ketchup. The bold and tangy flavors of the ketchup is a necessity for fries but just wait 'til you make a meatloaf! The fun bottle style and twist top has fans feeling like a chef at home. In 2019 the brand decided to spice things up. Their habanero-carrot hot sauce with fermented onions and garlic is dangerously spicy to some and just the right amount of kick for others. It's a lot of flavor backed by a ton of heat. Perfect for eggs, tacos and just about everything else. You can find the Secret Sauce Co. founders serving up food and drinks at the North Ave. Market and taste a wide variety of experimental sauces yet to hit the shelves of local grocers.