On & Up Design

Maggie Klinedinst creates jewelry as an outlet and a way to meditate. For over 20 years, jewelry making and design has been a grounding force for whenever life seems off-kilter or overwhelming. The repetitive motions of chainmaille and the intensity of a torch have been lifelong anxiety-busters. Her style is eclectic as it was born out of a 10-year teaching career and management at a local bead store in nearby York, Pennsylvania. She learned many core skills including soldering, fusing, chainmaille, wire working, and beadwork. She designs and teaches classes around projects to try and share the escapism that she experiences with jewelry and give someone a sense of accomplishment and pride at the end. It wasn’t until she entered the professional corporate world that she really understood how important hobbies and extracurriculars were to maintaining one’s sense of self and balance. In addition to jewelry design, Maggie maintains a few other hobbies, including handlettering, cross-stitch, and illustration. She lives in the Lake Walker neighborhood of Baltimore with two cats, Mo and Jinx, and her husband, Marc Shapiro.