Tiffany Thomas is a Master Herbalist, Energy Healer, Writer Certified Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Oracle Card Reader. As the feminine force behind HealHer, a wellness company that helps women to experience deep energetic, emotional and physical healing, she lives and breathes this work. With an inviting high priestess meets homegirl vibe, Tiffany is the good friend that every grown woman must have in her life when she needs the calm, connection and comfort that she cannot find anywhere else. After healing herself from the aftermath of years of abuse and emotional chaos, Tiffany studied and mastered what is now her three-pillar process of internal healing, wellness and spiritual alignment. Her testimony has become her teaching, and the practices and tools that she shares with women are the same healing rituals that she uses in her everyday life. A hands-on, heart-to-heart healer who flows from ratchet to reiki with ease, Tiffany’s realness affirms women, assuring them through trust and transparency that the community she has built is a safe, sacred space. Whether women are in pain from heartbreak, grief or need balance and breakthrough, Tiffany is a reminder that the power to heal is within them—but she is grateful to be their guide.