Five O’Clock Co. Baltimore

Five O' Clock Co. handcrafts Beard and Body care products using natural ingredients, and organic herbs straight from our homegrown garden. Randy was inspired to create his own beard care line after he was unable to find a commercial beard oil that didn't have harsh chemicals and fragrances. After many attempts in looking for a mainstream product failed, He fervently began researching natural ingredients for facial hair care and growth. It occurred to him that he could make my own beard oil based off my research by infusing essential oils, and herbs that were already growing in his garden. The goal was to be 100% organic and natural. He formulated many batches to try on himself and after trial and error, He finally found a recipe that showed significant improvement in the health and growth of his beard used my product for 3 months before making samples for fellow beards to try. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive as my samples yielded fantastic results! It was at that moment he decided to create my own beard care line and soon after Five O'Clock Co. was born!