Made In Baltimore’s Home-Run Accelerator (HRA) is a 5-month small business development program designed to help home-based entrepreneurs scale up and out into commercial production space. The Home-Run Accelerator is specifically tailored for product-based businesses that are currently run by solo-entrepreneurs out of their home or a shared makerspace. The curriculum focuses on the organizational tools needed to prepare a small business to scale, as well as some of the nuts-and-bolts of early stage growth, such as: how to hire your first employees, what to look for in a commercial lease, how to identify raw material suppliers, and much more.

Meet one of the 2023 HRA Participants:

Sam (Shena) Smith is a conductor of creativity energizing the Art & Fashion landscape in Baltimore and beyond. As a published Designer and Creative Entrepreneur, Sam is on a mission to infuse more Soul into Style and spark the wardrobe and wellness conversation. Not only a Mom and Wife, Sam holds several titles including CEO of New Vintage by Sam, founder of The Creative Consulting Group, founding member of She’s Well Networked, CCM of Bmore Empowered, Spicegirl at The Spice Suite, Community educator and a trailblazer in Baltimore’s Small business and Art community ecosystems.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sam’s experience in the HRA program.