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“Baltimore is our home. It has been and always will be. Baltimore has offered us the ability to grow within the community in a way that I don’t think a larger city would allow access to. Its charming approachability is not overshadowed by its powerful presence as a top national city.”


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About Write Notepads:

Since we began in 2011, we’ve made it a priority to play our role in promoting sustainability, both environmentally and socially. We take environmental stewardship seriously, and we’ve integrated it into every step of our manufacturing process. Just to give you an idea, we use FSC certified paper in all our products, safely recycled US steel for our wires, and linseed oil based ink instead of petroleum-based ones. We all have a part in protecting our beloved Chesapeake Bay and natural world at large. Additionally, we do what we can to help better the education of our cities children. We’ve donated countless composition notebooks to schools across the city. This plan is still very much in place today. One book, one piece of paper, one pencil could make a difference in one kids life. We love the thought of that.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome Making in Baltimore: 

In the modern age of small to mid-sized manufacturing here within Baltimore, we’ve found at times that infrastructure has not caught up with the changing business climate. Finding and training new employees had been a challenge, but through the efforts of local organizations, we’ve been able to tap into a valuable source of motivated workers.

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