Made In Baltimore’s Home-Run Accelerator (HRA) is a 5-month small business development program designed to help home-based entrepreneurs scale up and out into commercial production space. The Home-Run Accelerator is specifically tailored for product-based businesses that are currently run by solo-entrepreneurs out of their home or a shared makerspace. The curriculum focuses on the organizational tools needed to prepare a small business to scale, as well as some of the nuts-and-bolts of early stage growth, such as: how to hire your first employees, what to look for in a commercial lease, how to identify raw material suppliers, and much more.

Meet one of the 2023 HRA Participants:

Hi, I’m Sabrina Thompson, CEO/Founder of GIRL IN SPACE CLUB (GISC) and NASA Aerospace Engineer. At GISC, we make STEM fun and fashionable. We are a streetwear brand made to inspire women and girls who love to explore.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sabrina’s experience in the HRA program.