Maker of the Month: Oyin Handmade

Featuring: Jamyla Bennu, Founder of Oyin Handmade


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Favorite things about Making in Baltimore:

One of the things that first attracted us to Baltimore when we were shopping for a new city, was the affordability and accessibility of commercial space. When we outgrew our basement in 2008, we were able to move into our first raw commercial space, which enabled us to increase our production capacity. I feel like the city, although changing fast, is still really accessible in this way, allowing makers and entrepreneurs to test concepts and build their businesses in sustainable ways.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome Making in Baltimore: 

This may seem like a direct contradiction to my last answer, but finding the RIGHT commercial space was a challenge. After we moved out of our basement, we moved the factory every year or two, trying to make different kinds of spaces work. We are a bootstrapped business, and couldn’t afford to lease an actual commercial kitchen, so we got creative with warehouse spaces, former salon spaces, storefronts, you name it. Finally, we found a raw space we thought would be able to grow with us. We’ve been at our Barclay production & shipping location for more than 5 years now.

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