Maker of the Month: Koldkiss

Featuring: Richard Weiss, Owner of Koldkiss Concession Machines and Foods


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Favorite things about Making in Baltimore:

We’re unique in terms of how long we’ve been in business in Baltimore. We’re one of few businesses to produce in Baltimore for 45 years. Also, there are very few companies that do what we do in the US, so we are one of the largest in the US. So we are one of the few snowball companies in the world!

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome Making in Baltimore: 

Our challenges are few because we’ve been in business so long and gone through the learning curve. We have a good crew of people, many who have been with us since the beginning. It gets easier every year.

What fun facts we should know about Koldkiss: 

We’re one of the largest marshmallow distributors in the US!

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