Maker of the Month: HEX Ferments

Featuring: Meaghan & Shane of HEX Ferments


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Favorite things about Making in Baltimore:

The people! We love talking and connecting with fellow makers, growers, and Baltimoreans. Coming from Minneapolis and Seattle, Baltimore has one of the most open-minded maker communities we have encountered. You can do anything here and you will have an audience. Also, the palate of our community is so diverse, the more unique and funky our flavors get the more they are loved. When we first opened our shop in Belvedere Square people came from all over the city to tell us pickle stories: about the old delis in Lexington Market with whole pickled onions,  the kimchi buried in their mother-in-law’s backyard, and the sauerkrauts grandma used to make.  We’ve been given gifts of fermentation, from the homemade jars and bottles of prized ferments to heirloom family fermentation crocks.  We’ve felt so welcomed by hearing these stories. 

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome Making in Baltimore: 

Trying to navigate licensing and permitting to become Baltimore’s first fermented foods company. 

What fun facts we should know about HEX Ferments: 

HEX Ferments started as a performance art piece of a Hexen who traveled the countryside with a cabinet of ferments on their back to heal people. Meaghan was the artists/performer in the piece and Shane was the photographer. 

HEX Ferments storefront is the only fermented foods shop of its kind in the entire country that produces and sells just fermented vegetables and kombucha tea. Almost 100% of our produce is local and organic.

Another fun fact about us is that our logo is actually a functioning food alchemist HEX sign.


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