20 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201

Thursday – Sunday 11am – 7pm

Made In Baltimore is a branding program for locally made products. We aim to spur re-investment in Baltimore City by growing the market for locally-produced goods and supporting the people who make them. We support local makers and manufacturers through a local-brand certification program, promotional and sales opportunities (such as our storefront on North Avenue), print and media campaigns, special events and business development services, and advocacy for industrial use spaces. We seek to offer a unique and confident narrative of Baltimore City, illustrated by the diverse array of wonderful products being made here. As businesses in the manufacturing sector grow, and remain in Baltimore, surrounding neighborhoods flourish and thrive, offering living-wage employment and economic opportunities.We envision a Baltimore City that attracts and retains a diverse and unified community of makers and manufacturers, with equitable opportunities for growth and success. 

JOIN US today as a maker or retailer member. or Contact Us below with questions.

Andy Cook

Campaign Director
andy @ madeinbaltimore.org

Keisha Ransome

Business Development Coordinator
keisha @ madeinbaltimore.org

Tatiana Mullin

Store Manager
store @ madeinbaltimore.org