Each year, Made In Baltimore surveys our members to collect information about their businesses.  We use this information to better understand the needs of Baltimore’s craft manufacturing sector, and to guide our programming and policy recommendations.

All 341 businesses that held the Made In Baltimore business certification in May 2023 were invited to complete the self-reported survey  during the months of June & July 2023. 106 businesses responded to this survey (31% of certified businesses). All information presented reflects 2022 numbers.

This presentation is broken into three sections that reflect the key ‘vital signs’ of the MIB business community: People, Profits, and Production Space. Our goal is to track these metrics annually, providing insight into trends within Baltimore’s maker economy.  This is MIB’s fifth annual member survey.

This year, we are also sharing 5-year trend data, looking specifically at the  34 businesses that have responded to our survey every year since it began in 2018. That data shows a slow but steady increase in jobs, a 600% increase in reported total annual revenue, a doubling of reported annual median revenue, and a doubling of median production space size.  Using this and other data, we have also included a series of revenue benchmarks that correlate with business milestones like hiring and expansion.

Read the 2023 Made In Baltimore Survey Report here.