For Made In Baltimore’s 2023 Holiday Store at Harborplace, we knew we had to do something special.  The location boasts a window display space unlike any we’ve ever had in past pop-ups; how could we make it really shine?

To do this, we turned to the creative talent and fabrication expertise of our makerspace community.  We invited all the makerspaces in the MIB network to help us craft a display that would promote both the holiday store, and the fabrication capabilities of their spaces.  What we got blew us away.  

This year’s window display includes components designed and created by Open Works, The Node, Station North Tool Library, and Baltimore Print Studios.  Each brought their own unique talent to the table, while highlighting an important message: you can do this too! 

All our makerspace members offer access to classes, tools, and workshop space to the general public.  The pieces they created for this display showcase some of the processes you can learn and do at their spaces. 

Open Works used their CAD software and CNC routing machines to design and build the wooden pine trees and snowmen.  All are made from plywood, and the pieces pressure fit together.  You can check out their upcoming classes here.

The Node members teamed up to create the interactive light-up rainbow.  The concept was dreamed up by one of their member’s three-year old daughter, showing you just how possible it is to turn a dream into reality at The Node!  Thursdays are ‘open hack’ night there, and their classes run occasionally throughout the year. 

Station North Tool Library donated the hand tools (which we painted pink) and built an amazing tiny rowhouse to showcase their space’s offerings, which include classes and tool rental.  If you like fun, check this space out: everything they do is joyful and over-the-top! 

Baltimore Print Studios used their risograph printing machine to create the intricately patterned paper garland that decorates the trees.  You can learn how to use the risograph, as well as many other letterpress and silkscreening techniques, at their workshops

Workshops and memberships at these makerspaces make great holiday gifts for the maker (or maker-curious) person in your life!  Check them out and find out what you can make!