Phase One of the 2023 Home-Run Accelerator (HRA) wrapped on June 28,  with the completion of 8 Master Classes at Impact Hub Baltimore.  In these classes, the HRA cohort learned from industry experts about the organizational tools required to prepare a small business to scale, and some of the nuts and bolts associated with early stage growth, such as: how to hire your first employee, what to look for in a commercial lease, how to identify raw material suppliers, and more. 

HRA focuses on helping home-based makers scale up into commercial production space. This is our second time running the program, which meant we could invite alumni from the first cohort who have successfully expanded their small business into a new commercial space. So we did! For the final class, alumni discussed the successes and challenges they faced in their expansion, advice they wish they could give their past selves, and how the HRA program and spirit of collaboration within their cohort helped them to grow. 

In the second phase of the program, running July – September,  the new cohort members will meet with Peer Mentors to advise them on growth planning, and tour available properties in various neighborhoods across the city where they might expand their businesses. 

Check out the gallery below to see photos of this year’s Home-Run Accelerator so far! 

HRA 2023 Cohort Members


Mel’s Workshop

Sacred Ashes

New Vintage By Sam

The Minimalist Chic Boutique

Fair Winds Candle Co.

Good + Plenty Naturals

Sweet Smith’s Bakery

Lob’e Dangle

Girl In Space Club

Alphee Arts

HRA 2023 Peer Mentors

Letta Moore, KSM Candle Co.

Andrew Young, Vent Coffee

Kari Miller, Tiny Dog Press

Aaron Jones, Bushelers Of Baltimore

Kellie Martin, Earth Elements Soapworks

Liz Vayda, B. Willow