Made In Baltimore’s Home-Run Accelerator is a 5-month small business development program running May through September designed to help home-based entrepreneurs scale up and out into commercial production space. The program is specifically tailored for product-based businesses that are currently run by entrepreneurs out of their home or a shared makerspace.  

The curriculum focuses on the organizational tools needed to prepare a small business to scale, as well as some of the nuts-and-bolts of early stage growth, such as: how to hire your first employees, what to look for in a commercial lease, how to identify raw material suppliers, and much more.

The curriculum consists of two main components:

  • An 8-week Master Class curriculum designed and taught by seasoned Made In Baltimore business owners and other local experts in the fields of business development and real estate. Classes will take place in-person on Wednesday evenings.
  • Program participants will be paired with Peer Mentors who themselves have successfully scaled businesses out of their homes. The Peer Mentors will offer guidance and assistance to participants for three months following completion of the Master Classes.

Throughout the program, participants will also be supported by Made In Baltimore staff to offer connections to resource providers, feedback on plan development, and assistance identifying locations to grow their businesses. 

Participants that successfully complete the program will be awarded between $5,000 – $10,000 in seed capital to support their launch into a new facility.


To watch a recording of our information session that occured on March 9th, click here.


Program Receivables

  • Instructional peer mentor support for the full duration of the program by Made In Baltimore members who have successfully scaled their businesses up and out into commercial production space.
  • 8 Master Class workshops focused on the tools, skills, and knowledge required to scale a small business.
  • Up to $10,000 in funding to support your expansion into a commercial or industrial production space in Baltimore City.
  • Technical support from MIB and BDC staff to identify leasable spaces and connect to other resource providers.


The Instructors BLOG


The Home Run Accelerator will select up to 12 entrepreneurs to participate, with a strong emphasis on women and people of color. To be eligible, a business must: 

  • Either hold the Made In Baltimore business certification or meet the requirements for certification (produce a physical product in Baltimore City; currently be a business “in good standing” with the State of Maryland at time of application).   
  • Confirm your desire to scale into commercial or industrial space within the next calendar year. 
  • Be based out of your home or a shared makerspace at the time of application.
  • Have been a business entity in existence for a minimum of 18 months.


Applications are now closed. We will be in touch soon to announce the 2023 HRA Cohort!