As our city grapples with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Made In Baltimore will continue our work supporting the needs of local small businesses with support, education and development opportunities. Our Tools of the Trade workshop series focuses on the ins and outs of building an online brand, accessing new customers and optimizing business on digital platforms.


Workshop Overview:

Thank you for tuning in to the latest installment of our Tools Of The Trade workshop series. For this workshop we are joined by LEDC and Paperstack to discuss their individual suites of small business products and services geared towards helping businesses acquire capital for inventory purchases.

More about LEDC and Paperstack:

One of LEDC’s Lending Officers, Ronal Castillo, has more than 20 years of experience in different aspects surrounding financial institutions. During his career, he has functioned in several capacities, including management of placement processes, administration of loan recovery, overseeing administrative and accounting aspects, and overall management and evaluation of risks for financial institutions. His experience also includes developing work in private companies and government institutions dedicated to auditing, supervision, and risk rating processes for financial institutions. Originally from El Salvador, Ronal gained a bachelor’s degree from the University of El Salvador in 2000 in Public Accounting and Finance.

Here’s a little about Paperstack:

Paperstack helps online merchants get working capital to finance inventory purchases, invest in customer acquisition, and hire more talent.