As our city grapples with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Made In Baltimore will continue our work supporting the needs of local small businesses with support, education and development opportunities. Our Tools of the Trade workshop series focuses on the ins and outs of building an online brand, accessing new customers and optimizing business on digital platforms.

 Through design and creative visual solutions, Mebane Design Studio (MDS) exists to give voice to traditionally underestimated people, ideas, and causes so that more of us can share ourselves with the world. This workshop is for DIYers (Branding and building a new business), businesses/Brands looking to engage with a graphic designer in the next three months and businesses that are just getting started and looking for creative direction and a high-level overview of the branding process. Takeaways from this workshop include: Resources Booklet PDF (list of all resources mentioned throughout the presentation), Sample Brand Guide and PDF of Presentation. Learn more about Mebane Design Studio here: