We are so excited to announce our 2020 lookbook, which will debut in early fall ahead of the holiday shopping season! 

Our lookbook shows off the incredible talent, design diversity and creative innovation of our members. Following the raging success of our 2018 lookbook, we are refocusing on digital distribution and online sales. 


Our 2020 lookbook will have a wider scope, be more accessible to more of our members and show off the best of what Baltimore’s small businesses have to offer. It will include dedicated space for wholesale and custom fulfillment, alongside plenty of direct-to-consumer marketing. We also hope to elevate women, minority, Black, and LGBTQ business owners. We also want to engage our retailer members with dedicated marketing, and hope to use the beautiful retail and production spaces in our network as a backdrop to create the lookbook’s look and feel.

The following images are just a sample! Please complete the form, even if we featured your products on this page. 




Retailers, we want to feature your spaces with our lookbook spreads! Please get in touch for dedicated marketing, supporting the MIB products you stock, or providing a backdrop for product photos and scenes. This will include dedicated storytelling, social media marketing and access to our wholesaler and custom fulfillment guides.




We want our 2020 lookbook to be more accessible and feature a wider range of our members’ products. When you sign up, you’ll be able to submit up to five product photos, as well as wholesale information as applicable.




We all know that personal protective equipment is here to stay. Unique, stylish and customized masks will be this year’s hottest holiday accessory. Large institutions need branded masks and face shields. And you can never have enough hand sanitizer. That’s why our lookbook will have plenty of space for personal protective equipment producers!







MIB 2020 Lookbook - Application Form

Please complete the form below to be included in the Made In Baltimore 2020 Lookbook. Participation is free, but businesses must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

1. Applicants must be a certified Made In Baltimore business, with an updated and active profile on madeinbaltimore.org
2. Applicants must have completed the 2020 Annual MIB Member Survey.
3. Applicants must have an active e-commerce platform, either on your business' website or a third party platform such as Etsy (social media accounts do not qualify).
4. Applicants may only submit replicable products for inclusion in the lookbook; one-of-a-kind products do not qualify (Businesses applying under the Custom Fabrication or Custom Printing, Engraving, or Embroidery categories are exempt from this requirement).

The deadline to apply is 5PM WEDNESDAY JULY 22, 2020
  • We will be using this for all Lookbook communications.
  • Haven't updated your profile yet? Login and do so at madeinbaltimore.org/wp-admin
  • Haven't completed the 2020 Survey? Fill it out at: https://bit.ly/3ffguzF
  • We will use this in the digital version of the Lookbook.
  • You can choose up to 3.
  • Uploaded line sheets will be included in a special insert for retailers
  • Note: Not all retail spaces will be featured
  • Product Submission

    Applicants may submit up to five products for inclusion in the lookbook. Please note the following:

    - The lookbook will include at least one product from every eligible applicant, but we can not guarantee inclusion of all submitted products.
    - Uploaded files must be 2MB or smaller.
    - Submitted photos will be used for evaluation only, and will not be used in the lookbook. We'll be setting up a date in early August for product photography.
  • Images must be 2MB or smaller.
  • Images must be 2MB or smaller.
  • Images must be 2MB or smaller.
  • Images must be 2MB or smaller.
  • Images must be 2MB or smaller.