On August 6, 2019 Made In Baltimore kicked off our brand new Maker Conversations series, with a chat between Jamillah Muhammad of Taste This Cake and MIB’s own Keisha Ransome.


Made In Baltimore’s Maker Conversations series seeks to connect Baltimore audiences to the makers in the Made In Baltimore membership, through candid conversation and face-to-face interactions, reminding us all to shop local and embrace the stories behind locally grown enterprise.

Born in Florida and relocated to Baltimore as a teen, Made In Baltimore member Jamillah Muhammad (Taste This Cake) learned to bake from her grandmother. Inspired by experiences with a hospital full of kind nurses during a traumatic surgery as a young girl, Jamillah followed the path to caring for others in college and became a nurse herself. After over a decade in the profession, she began baking for her coworkers as a form of stress relief, and when she realized how quickly her confections were getting devoured, she wondered if she might make it as a commercial baker.  She found a community and the perfect baking spot in a new collective-use commercial kitchen space in North Baltimore, and set to work in 2016. Three years later, her business, Taste This Cake, is fully booked for summer, employing assistants in the kitchen, and using that nursing degree to keep organized, and maintain energy with long days on her feet.

Taste This Cake operates out of Bmore Kitchen on York Rd in Baltimore. The company’s core values mimic Jamillah’s childhood: southern inspired (with a twist), from scratch, local and/or high quality ingredients, less waste (recyclable and compostable packaging, very little thrown away), and community oriented. All cakes are made to order, using local ingredients when possible, and ranging from health conscious to splurge worthy.

The Made In Baltimore Program supports makers and manufacturers in Baltimore City through networking, business development opportunities, retail events, educational workshops and dedicated marketing campaigns. Our Maker Conversation continues throughout 2019 with upcoming speakers including chats with Wild Kombucha (August 29); Bliss Woodworks (September 30); La Loupe Designs (October 29); Hon’s Honey (November 19); and Erin Draper (December 17).