This past Thursday, we were excited to not only have our launch party, but also the opening night of our new furniture showroom at Brick + Board. If you couldn’t make it to the party, no worries! The furniture showroom will be on display until August 31st. While we won’t show you all of the images from the showroom because you NEED to check it out in person, we will highlight our talented makers featured in the showroom.


Mclain Wiesand Design

With a fine art approach, the craftsmen of McLain Wiesand Design take on a variety of projects ranging from designing and building wood and metal furnishings to creating murals, sculptures and mixed media. They have an amazing approach to making, which they state “brings an artist’s eye, a scholar’s curiosity, and a collector’s fervor to the tradition of creating decorative furnishings.”


Facebook: McLain Wiesand Custom Furniture & Decorative Arts 

Instagram: @mclainwiesand


Marco Duenas

Marco Duenas creates functional art objects and upcycled furniture which mixes media such as wood and textile. His pieces or madifestations as he calls them offer an intriguing perspective on design. He is also ½ of the collaborative La Loupe Design.


Instagram: @madinbmore


Bliss Woodworks

Bliss Woodworks, owned by Kate Christian, makes custom furniture and unique home goods using reclaimed materials and local hardwoods. Their pieces have a modern aesthetic and an interesting array of wood finishes.


Instagram: @blisswoodworks


Monkey in the Metal

Monkey in the Metal is a furniture fabrication company that provides artistic design solutions that marry a love of design with a passion for construction. Owner Nick Modha, likes to focus on creating pieces that tell a story while producing work that is meaningful and pushes the envelope of what is possible with everyday building materials.


Facebook: Monkey in the Metal


Studios on Sisson

At the Studios on Sisson, they focus on custom interiors and exteriors, utilizing reclaimed and locally-sourced materials whenever possible. Their work, which ranges from rustic to modern is all produced by hand.


Instagram: @studiosonsisson


Artefactory, owned by Renee Tantillo creates sculpture, furniture, household accoutrements comprised of used and discarded objects, recycled as well as new objects of metal, and other mediums.

Facebook: Artefactory Fe

Instagram: @artefactory.fe

Hadley Woodshop

Hadley Woodshop is a custom furniture design-and-build company with a focus on handcrafted traditional joinery. They work closely with clients throughout the design process to ensure each project is built to specifications and made with integrity.


Instagram: @hadleywoodshop


La Loupe Design

La Loupe Design is the work of Jorgelina Lopez, a textile designer, and Marco Duenas, a functional artist and woodworker. They create Home Decor object by hand which explores the combination of fiber and wood with simple lines and colorful designs.


Instagram: @laloupedesign


Philosophy with a Hammer

“Philosophy with a Hammer is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is the furniture design practice of artist/ maker Christian Donnelly. This creative endeavor merges his years of technical experience as a traditional furniture craftsman with a creative background in contemporary sculpture.”


Instagram: @Magic_Chr1st1an


Rybak Woodworking

Michael Rybak, owner of Rybak Woodworking prides himself on creating hardwood furniture the old fashioned way. By hand. Many of Rybak’s pieces are made using traditional joinery and modern techniques using locally sourced materials to ensure each piece has its own character and story.


Facebook: Rybak WoodWorking

Instagram: @rybakwoodworking


Evolve Woodworks

Evolve Woodworks is a family owned and operated business specializing in creating furniture and artwork using a variety of new and reclaimed materials such as live edge wood, reclaimed lumber, and metal. Evolve creates new furniture pieces, as well as repairs and restores to bring your furniture or decor pieces back to life.


Facebook: Evolve Woodworks

Instagram: @evolvewoodworks


Joshua David Crown

Joshua David Crown Studios creates designer-driven interior elements backed by skilled craftsmanship. The furniture, cabinetry, interior build outs, and table tops are inspired by the materials in use, as well as the customer’s end use.


Instagram: @joshuadavidcrown


Heavy Paper

Heavy Paper Co creates custom pieces covering a plethora of themes including everyday items beautifully made and stained such as tables and kitchen cutting boards to familiar items like Greek shields and bookcases shaped like Africa.


Instagram: @Heavy Paper


Good Wood Design

Garrett Brooks, owner of Good Wood Design creates for the longevity of his designs. When speaking of the name chosen for his business, he stated, “The name “Goodwood Design” was chosen from the simple idea that wood is a good natural resource that should be used to make good objects, designed well and built well, so they can be enjoyed for generations.”


Instagram: @goodwooddesign


David Zimmerman Woodworks

David Zimmerman Woodworks focuses on making simple functional furniture with materials sourced from local, independent mills using natural finishes. They enjoy the clean sharp edges of a freshly cut board, but also find beauty in the ends and edges that would otherwise make their way into the waste bin. DZWW is committed to making unique pieces that are made to last.


Instagram: @dz.ww

Jill Orlov Furnished Furniture

Jill Orlov’s collections and custom pieces have an industrial aesthetic with a hint of whimsy and unexpected functionality. She incorporates a variety of materials including steel, glass and reclaimed materials. Viewing her work, you’ll also notice a love for handmade miniatures, which is her signature.


Instagram: @jillorlov


Capricorn SBC

Susan and Mason of Capricorn SBC create everything from cutting boards to dining room tables and everything in between and beyond. Their work is inspired by clean lines, geometric patterns, and bursts of color.


Instagram: @capricornwoodmd


Sean Oharra

Sean Oharra is an artist, maker of furniture, lighting and objects using a variety of wood and metals. His style is modern and incorporates not only organic shapes, but also clean lines.

Instagram: @mossunltd


Now get out and visit the furniture showroom and be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in pictures of your favorite pieces!