We’ve put a call out to all of Baltimore’s makers and manufacturers to complete the State of Urban Manufacturing survey. The data collected in this survey will provide a comprehensive understanding of the economic impact manufacturing has on Baltimore City, and what services are most needed to help businesses in this sector thrive. The survey takes about 25 minutes to complete, which may cause you to continue thinking “I’ll do it later”.

We completely understand – as a maker, manufacturer, business owner, parent, spouse, or *insert other life responsibility*, your time is precious. You want to help, but really you want to understand a really big question regarding the State of Urban Manufacturing & Baltimore business survey

What’s in it for me?

How will this help my business?

How will this 25 minutes impact my future?

We see your time as an investment in the future of the Baltimore economy and all of our business ventures as a whole. Our goal with the survey is to collect data that will pave the way for greater investments such as:

  • Your confidential answers to the survey will help Made in Baltimore and Urban Manufacturing Alliance ‘fill the gaps’ you identify in the business support landscape by developing programs to help businesses like yours grow and thrive in Baltimore and around the country.
  • The knowledge we obtain will also provide ammunition to advocate for better policies to support manufacturers.
  • The time you give today will help us develop technical training and apprenticeship programs. The more education we can circulate through our community, the more progress we can make in strengthening our economy.
  • The confidential information you share will show what real estate is needed in order to support manufacturers of all sizes.
  • Your knowledge of the Baltimore economic environment will help us obtain business assistance geared towards manufacturers. We know that manufacturing is a key part of our city’s economy and we need your help making the case for the value of the sector.
  • Expanded knowledge of the business landscape will help us create a robust and modern manufacturing sector that creates jobs for the under or un-employed.
  • The data might also help policymakers adjust zoning, incentives and programs so that they support the everyday realities of your business.

That’s a lot to gain! A small investment of time today will garner huge results in the future for your business and that of your fellow community members. And if that wasn’t enough, the empowering sense of knowing that you used your voice as an essential contributor to the fabric of life in Baltimore is another valuable reward. So don’t let another day of “I’ll do it later” go by because tomorrow is today. As an extra incentive, we are offering 25 respondents chosen at random, a free day pass to Open Works, Baltimore City’s newest makerspace.

So don’t wait. Click here to Take the SUM survey today!