Made In Baltimore aims to spur re-investment in Baltimore City by growing the market for locally-produced goods. We do this by supporting local maker and manufacturers through our local-brand certification program, promotion and marketing events, and business development services.

At Made In Baltimore, we believe there is pride in production, and we aim to support a growing number of goods-producing jobs that Baltimoreans can be proud of.

By helping to grow companies that make high-quality products in our city, we support living-wage livelihoods that are accessible to all, walkable communities rich in economic opportunity, and a diverse array of products that put the charm in Charm City.

Become a Member

Made In Baltimore is a membership-based organization open to businesses located in Baltimore City. Members receive the Made In Baltimore Certification, a profile on our website, and access to a variety of services and networking opportunities we offer.

Made In Baltimore Retailers

Want to know where you can buy Made In Baltimore products? This map shows the location of all of our retail members.

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